Reasons why people go to school

a) truancy law (obligation)
b) parents force them to go (obligation)
c) self-determination
d) interest in school/want to learn
e) to become successful
f) to make more money
g) to get away from home/to be safe
h) networking (it's easier to get a job/internship)
i) to help figure out what to do with their lives
j) it's something to do
k) to make friends
l) other

Why do you attend school?  If there are multiple reasons, then list all of them.  Please elaborate on them if you can.
This includes elementary school, middle school, high school, and college/university.
Do you think schools are teaching students how to be successful in general or what they major in?  Or are schools leading students to nowhere?  Are kids being overworked?  Are they doing "busy work?"
Remember that you can only pick one.  Let's say that the amount of time you're getting experience is equivalent to getting a degree.
Let's say that the person who has experience spent the same amount of time as the other person spent in college.  Think in terms of hiring a person.  Which person would you want to work for you?
Did you ever have a class where the teacher or professor gave unfair tests?  The questions were about things that weren’t covered in class.  That’s one reason why school isn’t an accurate measure of a person’s intelligence. 

Are general education courses a waste of time and money? If you've already taken them, were they helpful in your other classes or in the real world? Do you still remember the information?