05/13/2011 21:06

Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt! Many coaches for public universities are being paid millions of dollars just to teach kids how to play football or basketball. Schools spend a lot of money on stadiums, equipent, advertisting, contracts, and salaries. It's one thing if you are a huge university like Texas or Ohio St, and even they pay too much money for sports. But let's say you are a smaller school and you are wasting money that could go to research and academics that are instead going to sports. Look I love sports. But the amount of money spent on it by schools is ridiculous. And in the end, it is a detriment to education.

05/26/2011 16:13

Yes, schools should focus more on the students rather than making money. Sports generate millions of dollars at a university level and make people want to come there. The quality of learning should make them want to go there, not the sports field, equipment, team, or coach.

05/29/2011 01:32

Of course they are.


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07/11/2012 17:15

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