Obama wants to reform the "No Child Left Behind" policy before the next school year.  He wants to hold schools accountable and reward schools that are improving.  Obama doesn't want students to learn the material for the test.  Instead, he wants students to think critically and be creative.  He wants teachers to be certified.  He also wants them to be held accountable and be paid well (if they're good teachers).  Obama wants to have the highest college graduate rate by the end of the decade.  He wants to spend a lot of money on reform to help students go to college and recruit teachers.
3/26/2011 12:35:20 pm

I can understand why he wants to change it. I took a class on NCLB a few years ago and in theory it is a great plan. But implemented-not so much. It might be the same thing here. It is a great idea but it isn't going to be an easy fix and not one that will show immediate results.

What is a good teachers? What qualities should they have? Who will determine if they are good teachers or not? If you don't have the state tests how will you know if their students are succeeding or not?

I don't think the problem is just the teachers to improve the schools, but also the schools themselves. It is hard to be a great teacher when your hands are tied and you could lose your job for being great.


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