05/15/2011 00:56

I think public schooling is a better option because it also helps with the child's social development.

05/25/2011 12:53

Home schooling is better because it's safer, you get one-on-one attention, and you choose the curriculum. If the child wants a social life, then they have groups/clubs for them. They can interact with their neighbors and relatives. It's all about the parents getting them interested in that and having the right resources. This way the parents can also control who their child hangs out with and makes sure that they're not getting bullied. Home schooling is a safer environment.

05/27/2011 21:33

Homeschooling is better. students get the attention that they need.

Jennifer Van de Wouwer
05/28/2011 00:32

I think if a school can provide a safe environment to learn then some kids do great in traditional school. However, there are so many clear advantages to homeschooling. We transitioned to homeschooling this year through a Parent Partnership Program which provides the best of all worlds, I think. We were not concerned about social development at all because our son makes all of his friends through his sports anyway. What I don't like in the traditional schools is that the bullying is out of control and the kids are left to deal with a lot more than they need to at way too young of an age. I'd rather give them a solid foundation before they have to learn how to survive the wolves that we will have to ultimately throw them to in the real world. Until then, homeschooling lets us help our children experience the world at a pace more commensurate with their individual development.

06/08/2011 07:39

Homeschooling isn't that great.


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