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07/03/2011 22:55

Financially, it's questionable, considering the ignorance of education, ead up by the mass of students lead to the conjuration of this proposition, I would certainly claim it necessary to a country that 'believes' in forewarding a future of elegance and advancement for the forthcoming generations, but for a country that couldnt care less, well i would agree, No Child Left Behind would be of absolute naught.

Back when I was in school (wasn't too long ago, I'm twenty now), What scared me the most is failing, and having the people I looked up to detest my ability and motiation to succeed. T'was heartbreaking. What really killed me though was the hopelessness. When anyone had told me that I couldn't make anything of myself, and shown me the grades to prove it, I had felt absolutely hopeless. Without the No Child Left Behind act, I don't thikn I'd have the motivation to even graduate high school.

No Child Left Behind is a tactful way of saying 'hey teachers, teach these kids even if you think they're screw ups. Chances are, they're going to operate on that brain tumor of mine twenty years down the road, and I DAMN WELL want these little bastards to know what they're doing.

Listen, if you're a teacher, and you're running into a child who is having difficulty learning because of what's going on around them socially or in their family life, don't just give up on them. Show just the LEAST amount of ecouragement.

Keep No Child Left Behind.

08/08/2012 07:34

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