05/26/2011 10:57

No, schools care too much about your appearance when they should care about how much the students are learning and if they're having a fun time. As long as the students aren't wearing something offensive, then who cares? The parents are the ones that should be monitoring their children's clothing; not the schools.

06/20/2011 07:03

No!!! school is 4 showing off my outfits! hehehehehe

06/29/2011 07:21

YES. A dress code creates an environment better geared towards learning. just as there is an understood dress code in an office setting, because more formal and serious clothing breeds similar conduct, a proper school dress code will help to focus the behavior of the students towards a better learning experience.

06/29/2011 07:31

i think people r so interested in removing rules and making everything free that they forget that rules are not meant to restrict people but rather guide them

07/03/2011 21:54

I like this website. Its quite interesting and the fact that you want to restore education, I give you a thumbs up, hun. I like the website (:

Pop Pop
07/03/2011 22:40

Dressing the students? Leave that up to the parents.

People genrally are a lot more comfortable and confident in themselves when they dress to their desires. Think, what do you honestly think when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror? Well (laides ;D), let's observe my personal morning routine. I wake up, shower, shave, brush teeth, dress, and get ready for work, but in those moments, particularly after breakfast, I walk out the door and take a good look at myself and wonder, "this is what I am, because of my decisions and paths I've lead in my life, this is where I am. This is how I look and I am god damn I deserve a medal!

Dressing yourself, personally is like wearing a standard that defines your lifestyle and personality. Generally, it's essential to have children dress themselves. Shows who they are and what they're like, and what you think as the beholder, what they may need to work on.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it takes liberty to posess free agency, and that my friend, will spark the motivation in the minds of anyone who has ever found themselves grasped betwixt the pages of a textbook.

07/14/2012 11:02

Great info, thx

07/27/2012 05:07

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