04/16/2011 12:42

No, teachers should not teach only from a curriculum. Exposure to real life situations is more effective.

04/17/2011 08:08

No, in school i learned more that is helpful to me now when my teachers told stories and real life situations then the curriculum.

04/29/2011 07:56

Teachers need a curriculum. Curriculum is the list of topics covered in a class or an education program. The topics a class or a program covers are very broad an a class or a program only covers a tiny aspect of it. I had a physiology class that covered how the respiratory, cardiovascular, and renal system worked, plus cell signaling, intracellular communication, and the transport of substances into and out of a cell. But there are 12 organ systems in the body and we had about 16 weeks to learn it all. It is not always feasible to teach everything about a subject in one class or in a program. Also, not all subjects on a particular topic will interest a person nor be relevant to a person or help a person achieve his goals. Stories and real life situations told in class are used to make the subject relevant to the students in hopes to motivate students, stimulate their interest, and remember the material. Stories and real life situations are tools used to teach the curriculum. To truly master a subject, the students need to go above and beyond what is listed in the curriculum. Teachers can plant the seed by mentioning a subject in a class, but the student ultimately decide on how much he wants to learn and master.


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