05/25/2011 12:16

textbooks are honestly waste of money and students will learn more/should learn more if professors lecture more rather than following textbooks.

05/25/2011 12:39

Textbooks should just be reinforcement. A good teacher truly doesn't need a textbook nor should they rely on answer booklets. Learning should be hands-on; not taught by a book (otherwise there is no purpose of a teacher).

05/25/2011 15:49

Textbooks are supposed to be for reinforcement and should not be required.

05/26/2011 13:07

The purpose of textbooks is to teach children a concept. It will teach the student something in a different way than what is being taught in class. In other words, it allows students to hear another perspective. It's also in a more organized format.

You should check out this like:


05/26/2011 13:25

I disagree with Derek. Textbooks shouldn't be something that a teacher relies in. If they're a good teacher, then the students will pay attention and learn. If the class is fun/interactive and being taught in the simplest form possible, then you don't need a textbook. Only bad or mediocre teachers need their students to use textbooks.

Textbooks stress things that a teacher may not. Sometimes teachers think somethings are important--some things that the textbook left out and sometimes teachers think somethings aren't important--some things that the textbook put in there. Sometimes the textbook says things that are wrong. The textbooks should be meant as a guideline for what the curriculum should be like.

Instead of saying 'read chapters 1-6' and basically forcing the students to memorize the material and making them read a boring textbook, you could play a fun game that actally teaches students. Teach students that learning can be fun.

Textbooks also make the simplest concept the most complex thing.

05/29/2011 17:19

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06/01/2011 17:21

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07/16/2012 08:19

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