04/20/2011 14:23

To me, education goes far beyond merely memorizing a laundry list of unrelated facts from different scholastic subjects. It involves the broadening and expanding not only of one's amount of knowledge, but one's capacity to acquire further knowledge and apply rudimentary concepts to other situations experienced later in life. Education also entails an opening of the mind to allow for ideas that are different and unfamiliar, thereby increasing a person's ability to draw logical and informed conclusions regarding a wider variety of subjects and issues. Sadly, these concepts are becoming lost arts in this country at an alarming rate, and I pray that one day the proverbial ship is righted and that education once more becomes a high priority in this nation.

04/29/2011 07:00

To me, education involves the learning of concepts. Of course, memorization will have to be utilized but, true education goes beyond that. It is the ability to apply those concepts, which requires one to learn and master various skills like critical thinking. But also, interest should be stimulated and I would want to learn more about a particular subject. I would want to go above and beyond learning the basic material.

05/02/2011 21:32

Education is about learning concepts and being able to apply them. It's not about memorizing the material and then forgetting it later.

09/25/2012 06:17

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