-guest speakers
-field trips
-asking questions
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4/3/2011 06:39:05 am

Oops about the previous comment forgot to post anything.

I would say all of the above helped me. but it varied from subject and teachers. Some teachers made learning fun and so I was engaged more other teachers practically put me to sleep so anything had to help.

My big thing growing up was flash cards. They were great for any subject. But field trips were nice especially for Science and even History classes. Notes for everything and I would color coordinate my notes. Group studying and working as a group I liked even in college. You can learn from your teacher but you can learn just as much from your peers.

5/13/2011 02:12:04 pm

When a teacher knows what they are talking about, asking questions is usually the best way for me to learn. I like it when I am clearly helped out instead of beung expected to take notes. When I'n taking notes, I'm trying to just write stuff down and I'm not learning. My brain is not absorbing the information being gave to me. Guest Speakers can teach you a lot about One Subject and usually do a great job at the info they know. So basically I learn from asking questions. My best way of learning is not on this list- and that is reading.

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