3/19/2011 05:30:27 pm

i didn't like the attendance policy

3/26/2011 04:16:04 pm

I work in the schools, but I don't work for the schools and one thing that I see that drives me crazy is the kids will get passed through to the next grade. Most of these kids have an IEP, or maybe they just needed extra help in the early grades and never received it, so as high schoolers they can barely read and write but it doesn't matter because they just get pushed through and then they graduate and wonder why they can't succeed in college or anything else because there are so many skills that they are missing and there was no one along the way that would help them.

3/27/2011 08:29:46 am

I don't like the dress code. What does that have to do with learning? When you're in college, they let you wear whatever you want.

I hate the attendance policy as well. If I turn in quality work on time, then why should it matter if I'm there? All that matters is that I'm doing the work and that it's well done.

I dislike the grading policy. As you stated on the problem and solution page, it's just wrong. The "c" or "d" student may know more of the material because they tried to learn it whereas the "a" or "b" student memorized the material.


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