3/29/2011 01:32:17 am

This was in 7th grade. I had a teacher for Mod Tech. There were computer stations that have different modulators that were suppose to teach you. It could be filming, car mechanics, computer aided design, etc. I can honestly say I did not learn a thing.
One reason has to do with the way the class was structured. Several of the modulators had glitches. And the teacher gave us the answers to the final tests that we were graded on. If we finished a modulation early, we had nothing to do, except go back to the begining.
The biggest reason is the actual teacher. I don't mind if teachers are strict. But this teacher was a bully and expected respect from his students. Respect is earned and is not ascribed to a position of authority. Every time I went to that class, my stomach was in knots and I was filled with this sense of dread. He made a student cry every other week. We couldn't even ask him questions because we were so intimidated. He didn't attempt to pronounce my name correctly. When I did correct him, he said he's "just going by what the card says," and just brushed it off. I know that if I did that, my head would be impaled on a steak. And we could not even attempt to question or confront him on his behavior. He kicked a kid out of his class and placed him in a special ed class the first day of Mod Tech for questioning his behavior.

Raul, Just Raul...
4/9/2011 03:00:05 am

My least favorite teacher was in 7th grade. She taught history and was not very good at it. she didnt help students nor did she care to help them, if you fell asleep in class she would only let you sleep which some students may have thought it was "cool of her" but really how much did she care for your education? If she couldnt handle a situation or a small conflict that she couldnt resolve (which was all of them) she would simply write you up and send you to your principal's office. The school I went to must have been run by lonely men as they hired anyone with breasts and not brains. She was one of the worst teachers I ever had. Also, she would yell at students she didnt like and acted very different towards the students she did like. Are you not supposed to treat all students with equality? she would let profanities slip on numerous occasions. Reporting her to the principals was an exercise in futility because she must have lied to people to get others in trouble. Maybe this teacher was just one of the few that slip through the system unnoticed, but she is the one pushing your children to a bad future

7/20/2012 03:11:19 pm

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