What was the faculty like?  (school administrators, teachers, professors, counselors, and etc.)  What were the students like?  Did they bully you?  If so, did the school do anything about it?  Did the school help you reach your full potential?  Was it worth it? 
3/28/2011 12:09:33 am

I didn't always like school. I remember many times trying to pretend I was sick so I wouldn't have to go to school. I know we all play hookey but I was tormented by my classmates. I truly did not want to go to school because I knew that they would be there.

I have Apraxia (speech, motor, sensory disorder). When I talk it sounds like I have an accent but when I was younger my speech was so garbled I was retaught how to speak completely. But for years it was hard to understand me and so I was made an easy target to my classmates.

Did the school do anything to help me? Well considering one of my biggest tormentors happened to be Superintedent's son not so much. That was a battle I couldn't win. But I had some AWESOME teachers over the years. In high school the assistant principal helped me out alot and it made a world of difference.

Outside of the teasing I liked school. Oh I had difficulties because of the Apraxia, but I still liked it. I loved learning. (The problem I had was if I couldn't say the words how am I supposed to read the words? I am also dyslexic, ADD)

Did the school reach out to help me reach my full potential? Not exactly. I had been told my various teachers and school staff all my life that I would never succeed or graduate from high school. In High school I had a counselor tell me that I would never go to college.

Luckily I proved them all wrong. But for me that negativity helped push me to succeed and to prove everyone wrong. It's why I went into education was to help the kids who fall between the cracks.


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