Remember that you can only pick one.  Let's say that the amount of time you're getting experience is equivalent to getting a degree.

03/20/2011 00:38

Experience is the best teacher.I can go through a forest,and do so again,better than I can being told about it and going through it for the first time.

03/20/2011 20:15

experience is better because you learn from your mistakes and grow. degrees show that you're able to follow directions or that you aren't a quitter. a person can barely do any work and get a degree. experience comes from the real world. if i was an employer, i would rather have a person with experience because they're more knowledgeable. they've adapted to their environment. experience is something that can't be taught.

03/22/2011 13:13

Aristotle believed in experience and I do too. The real world gives you more knowledge.

05/31/2012 07:04

THX for info


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