Reasons why people go to school

a) truancy law (obligation)
b) parents force them to go (obligation)
c) self-determination
d) interest in school/want to learn
e) to become successful
f) to make more money
g) to get away from home/to be safe
h) networking (it's easier to get a job/internship)
i) to help figure out what to do with their lives
j) it's something to do
k) to make friends
l) other

Why do you attend school?  If there are multiple reasons, then list all of them.  Please elaborate on them if you can.

03/20/2011 08:53

i went to school because of the truancy law. i dropped out of school at 16 and now i'm a pilot. i have more than enough money to support myself. if i could do everything again, then i would. i'm happy, healthy, successful, and my family is proud of me. what more could i ask for??

03/27/2011 21:48

I go to school because my parents force me to go and because of my friends. I want to see them there.

05/30/2012 05:10

you might be correctly through that article


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