3/29/2011 01:46:48 am

It depends on the teacher. I had a physiology professor that would give you the "basic information." To truly master his material, you have to go above and beyond just reading the notes. I crossed referenced between the notes, my physiology book, and my into biology book. There were essays on his tests that were extra credit. If you didn't do them, he sent you back and "suggested" that you answer them, since it doesn't hurt. He expected you to jump up to his level. I wished more professors were like that.
And I currently have professor that would write notes on the overhead. That's spoon feeding. I'm being told bite-sized bits of information. I understand his reasons. It's to clarify difficult concepts. Also he's not one for rambling, bullshit answers for essays. But I go back and cross-reference with my book and there's missing detail. However, if we add extra material that we learned from the book or previous classes, he would mark us wrong on our essay questions.

5/15/2011 04:28:45 pm

Yes they really do. I have several teachers who just give us the notes and almost reveal the tests before we take it. I have had a couple teachers who make us outline things on our own- those teachers don't spoonfeed. A little bit of help so we can do the material is the best option not just forcing us to take notes on our own or giving us a lot of notes.

8/12/2012 04:11:36 pm

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