3/28/2011 04:19:17 am

I actually do. When I was in high school I took biology. Now I've never been the greatest at science. I loved the topic but I never did well. Well on the first day of class my teacher gave us all an assessment to do and we found out what our learning style was. And then he tried to teach to all of us. He did lecture, he did visual, he did hands on, he did it all.

That was the first science class that I have ever had all A's and B's in. And he really put himself out there to help the other students. (this can also go under favorite teacher)

But knowing what style you are can help you learn or develop better study habits or whatever else. I think teachers should teach to all the learning styles not just one.

5/31/2012 03:41:08 am

Appreciate your info

7/16/2012 01:56:33 pm

Fine info bro


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