4/3/2011 06:35:37 am

Define not performing? What are the parameters to judge that? I think that they should be given a chance. Much like the schools if they perform low as a whole they are put on academic probation or whatever it is called. Perhaps teachers should have something similar as well. But then if that still doesn't work and nothing has changed then yes they should be.

But the problem you then will run into is the teaching union so as bad as that teacher may be they may never lose their job.

4/8/2011 12:59:53 am

How would you define "not performing" Lindsay?

I do agree that teachers should be given a chance. I do not expect teachers to be perfect and never make a mistake. And the probation period would give a teacher time to correct whatever mistake they made and learn from it. Mistakes are opportunities to grow. Most mistakes made by teachers do not put the lives of students at risk. Obviously, probation would not be a good idea if the law is broken or a student is in harms way.


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