This includes elementary school, middle school, high school, and college/university.

03/20/2011 00:31

Reading, writing,and math.I made a vow that after I learn enough of those 3 I would walk away to seek and verify my calling in life.God made me His evidence,His sounding board,and a Messenger of Increase to world population.

03/26/2011 23:18

I actually remember quite a lot and I graduated high school 10 years ago and college a few years ago.

I remember in 2nd grade learning Spanish because my teacher's daughter was in a Spanish class and so she thought it would be fun to teach us the basics.

I remember my 4th grade student teacher who was the first one to make reading fun since then I read more than I sleep. And I still keep in touch with that particular teacher.

I remember both bad and good teachers and particular things I have learned or they have taught me.

I don't know if everyone can say that.

09/24/2012 06:41

Thanks for information


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