Do you think all knowledge is power? Like as long as you have the knowledge to do something than you're good. Or do you think that knowledge is only useful if you put it to use?

06/29/2011 07:49

knowledge itself is like potential energy. it can be turned into kinetic energy, or can remain forever in a state of potential. there is no waste in learning, but the full power of knowledge can only be realized when we put it to use.

Pop Pop
07/03/2011 22:24

I wouldn't necessarily say knowlege is power, but yet, a birthright to the human being that is motivated by their primal wants and needs in order to lead a relatively comfortable life. One man's Hell is another man's Heaven, and the way to get there is by work, motivation and a general knowledge - of anything and everything, from science to religion. Style and survival, we all have different wants and needs, and in that journey to build a noble life of what we percieve as our comforts, we first, must utilize that knowledge required.

Nonetheless, it's always a plus to build a foundation on education and striving to maintain self discipline. Man invents the wheel - Now what?

04/24/2012 19:54

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