-visual (learn by seeing)
-auditory (learn by sound)
-kinesthetic (learn by doing)
-social (learn by discussions/interacting)
What are some policies that you think need to stay?  What are some things that you would hate to see go?
Or should we use pass or fail or a description?
Obama wants to reform the "No Child Left Behind" policy before the next school year.  He wants to hold schools accountable and reward schools that are improving.  Obama doesn't want students to learn the material for the test.  Instead, he wants students to think critically and be creative.  He wants teachers to be certified.  He also wants them to be held accountable and be paid well (if they're good teachers).  Obama wants to have the highest college graduate rate by the end of the decade.  He wants to spend a lot of money on reform to help students go to college and recruit teachers.
What was the faculty like?  (school administrators, teachers, professors, counselors, and etc.)  What were the students like?  Did they bully you?  If so, did the school do anything about it?  Did the school help you reach your full potential?  Was it worth it?